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Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes Defense Atlanta

Sexual offenders’ records are maintained in legal databases, both at the state and national levels. These records are accessed thousands of times daily. Sexual offense information is available online for over 500,000 individuals. Since most states require lifetime reporting following a conviction, Georgia's list of sexual offenders keeps increasing every year.

Typically, most companies and employers screen the job applicant and future employees against the information available in local and state directories before making any hiring decisions. Several sex offender registry databases are available for free, besides the official records available from county sheriffs in Georgia and the GBI sex offender registry.

As part of the company’s due diligence, they must cross-check that the applicant has not been convicted of sex crimes. The other critical demographic searching the sexual offenders’ list is parents looking to settle down in a new neighborhood. So, suppose a person residing in Georgia has been convicted as a sexual offender. There, they have a lifetime of registry requirements and likely loss of future job opportunities, face lengthy prison sentences, excessive fines, and is why you must hire a lawyer with top-notch expertise in sex crimes defense in Atlanta.

Tracking Sex Crime Convicts

The sexual offenders’ list in Georgia, like all other states, is part of America’s National Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA). The directory maintained under this act (SORNA) tracks convicted sex offenders in all 50 states. This SORNA directory is the framework to follow all convicted sex offenders in all 50 states.

According to many psychiatric journals, people who have committed sex offenses once are likely to commit a crime again. According to the Department of Justice, this understanding is also supported by the trial and guilty plea records.

Among sex crime offenders, the most detested are convicted child sex offenders. Thus, they have little protection against disseminating information to the public about their crimes in Georgia. Parents concerned with the well-being of their kids will likely monitor any child sex offenders near them to check if they ever fail to register or move to a new location without prior approval.

Sex offenses in Georgia

Given the long-lasting, severe, and complicated impact of sex crimes on its victims, they attract some of the most severe punishments available in Georgia. The following fall into the category of sex crimes:

  • Prostitution
  • Sexual battery
  • Rape
  • Aggravated sodomy
  • Exploitation, molestation, or sexual abuse of minors
  • Aggravated molestation of minors
  • Distribution, creation, or publishing of child pornography
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Sexual Misconduct

If convicted of the abovementioned crimes, you may face years of imprisonment, significant fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender, which will have a lifetime of adverse consequences.

Criminal charges relating to sex crimes carry immense social stigma and shame. An accusation about sex crime is enough to turn your life upside down and have a long-lasting consequence. A sex crime conviction can almost ruin your life and will be impossible to leave behind.

Sex crimes are a sensitive subject. The shame and stigma attached to it can make it hard for a person to find someone who will listen to them with no bias and provide them with effective legal counsel. However, knowing the consequences of being a convicted sex offender, you must not waste time seeking highly efficient lawyers and legal staff to mount a vigorous defense.

Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

When charged with a sexual offense, you are likely to experience a lot of confusion, nervousness, anxiety, and it might feel like the room around you is caving in on you. You might feel like there is no way to get yourself out form a situation like this, and it will only feel worse if the alleged victim is a minor.

However, that is not necessarily the case. There are effective defense strategies, and a wide-ranging investigation conducted by a skilled and knowledgeable sex crimes defense attorney in Georgia can help develop an effective plan for you. An experienced sex crimes lawyer will review all witness and alleged victim’s statements to find any inconsistencies. The lawyer will also look into the alleged victim’s personal and professional history. An in-depth review of the forensic evidence, medical records, and electronic data such as emails, text messages can help build a solid defense case and result in an acquittal or dismissal of charges.

The best chance to avoid years of prison time, hefty fines, destruction of your social life, loss of future employment, and lifelong registration requirements will be to hire an effective and experienced sex crimes lawyer near you to represent your legal defense. A lawyer with expertise in sex crimes is your best bet against a sex crime conviction and lifelong sex offender registration.

Consequences of Sexual Offender Registration

Besides the prison time and hefty fines, sex crime convict also has to register in the state’s sex offender registry. It means a limitation on travel and where they reside beside a restriction on job opportunities. Further, continuous monitoring by law enforcement serves as a constant reminder and can be mentally and emotionally stressful. It can cause difficulty finding and forming new social and romantic relationships.

It cannot be emphasized enough that having the right legal aid on your side is imperative, especially when so much can be at stake.

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