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Hit and Run

Atlanta, Georgia Hit and Run Attorney

Leaving the scene of an accident in Georgia, otherwise known as a, “hit and run,” accident, is illegal. You can be charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony if you leave the scene of an accident. So why do so many Atlanta automobile drivers commit Hit and Run crimes? Driving in Atlanta and the surrounding counties can be stressful and even intimidating. Sometimes road conditions can make traffic in Atlanta even worse. Driving at night or driving in the rain, uneven or roads under construction, can all lead to additional stressors while driving in Georgia. Sometimes drivers who commit hit and run crimes are carrying illicit or illegal cargo or driving under the influence of alcohol or some other substance and fear the police will charge with an underlying crime such as drug possession or DUI. Sometimes drivers may not even know they hit another car or another’s property. Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious crime, but it does not make you a bad person. Everyone makes mistakes, and it is my job to help you avoid the serious consequences of a Hit and Run in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

Hi there, I am the Atlanta, Georgia Hit and Run Attorney, Thomas C. Nagel. I represent clients throughout Georgia for leaving the scene of an accident and Hit and Run cases, especially in Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb and Dekalb counties. I am a criminal defense lawyer based in Atlanta.

Hit and Run Laws in Georgia

How does Georgia define a Hit and Run? Under Georgia Law, a driver has duty to return to the stop or return to the scene of an accident. Here is a link to the entire Georgia Hit and Run Law. Basically, the Georgia Hit and Run Statute requires a driver involved in an accident resulting in any injury, death, or property damage to do three things:

  1. Stop as soon as you can safely and, if necessary, return to the scene of the accident
  2. Give your name and driver’s license (if asked).
  3. Render reasonable aide if necessary, and help an injured person get transportation to the hospital or doctor. If someone is unconscious, as a result, of an accident then you have an affirmative duty to call emergency services such as 911.

Drivers must remain at the scene until you preform all these duties under Georgia Law. Failure to follow the law can carry serious consequences. Failure to stop or return to the scene of an accident may result in felony or misdemeanor depending on the injuries involved. If serious physical injury or death occurs and you fail to stop or return to scene of an accident in Georgia, then you are facing a felony charge. A felony charge under this section of the Georgia Law is subject to a one-year to five-year prison sentence. A simple failure to stop in a car accident without physical injury can result in up to a one-year prison sentence, significant fines and fees, and driver’s license suspension.

Juveniles leaving the scene of an accident or Hit and Run in Georgia

Not surprisingly, juveniles and those under the age of 21 are statistically more likely to commit and hit and run crime in Atlanta. Young people often make bad decisions and do so in car accidents as much as they do in life. Leaving the scene of an accident for juveniles can have long-lasting consequences for juveniles. Juveniles can be charged as adults in some circumstances, or they can be charged with juvenile delinquency. Juveniles charged for a hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident need an experienced Atlanta, Georgia juvenile defense lawyer. I have represented hundreds of juveniles charged with crimes throughout Georgia and I can help your son or daughter minimize the legal consequences under Georgia Law for a dumb mistake. Juveniles are unfortunately involved in traffic violations frequently as well.

DUI and Hit and Run in Georgia

Often, drivers who have been drinking or are under the influence of alcohol refuse to stop for accidents in which they are involved. DUI in Atlanta is a serious charge itself but refusing to stop or return to the scene of an accident only compounds the possible criminal charges. Many police departments have specific units whose entire job is to find drivers involved in Hit and Run accidents. I have watched for decades these units easily track down cars or trucks involved in accidents throughout Georgia, usually within a couple days. If you were driving under the influence of alcohol and did not stop at the scene of an accident it is imperative that you contact a lawyer who has extensive experience in Hit and Run cases throughout the Atlanta area.

Why Hire Georgia Hit and Run Attorney Thomas C. Nagel

If you have been involved in a Hit and Run accident, or leaving the scene of an accident, you need knowledgeable expertise in Georgia criminal and traffic law. I have represented clients charged with hit and run for decades. I am familiar with the police, the prosecutors, and judges throughout Atlanta and Georgia. Many times, we can have charges immediately reduced or even dismissed. If you need help, please reach out for a free consultation. I feel confident that I can help you fight these charges and mitigate possible repercussions. I can help you protect your Rights, freedom, reputation, finances, and more. Please check out my client reviews and testimonials here. I, attorney Tom Nagel, am your Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb & Dekalb County Hit and Run Lawyer.

Please be sure to read my blog on Georgia Criminal and Traffic Law as well. I regularly update my blog regarding criminal defense and criminal procedure. Here is a recent article discussing Georgia Hit and Run Laws in more detail.

Dear Thomas,

Thank you so much for doing such a great job for our daughter. We are very happy with the results of her case. Best wishes, R.W.

P.S. Thank you also for helping our friend get his case dismissed!

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"Dear Tom, I just wanted to thank you again for everything. You saved my life. I’m so glad I picked you. What were the odds? I don’t know how you pulled it off. If I run across anybody that needs legal advice I will definitely recommend you. My life is back to normal thanks to you. I know it could’ve been much worse. Thanks Again!" E.G.