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Delinquency Cases

Juvenile Defense Lawyer Thomas C. NagelJuvenile Defense in Fulton, Cobb, Dekalb & Gwinnett Georgia Counties

Attorney Thomas C. Nagel has represented children accused of crimes for over 25 years. If your child has been charged with a delinquency action you need to know what to expect what will happen in court. My experience with the juvenile court process will help you prepare for court and protect your child’s rights.

Your child must appear in court to answer to charges when accused of delinquent behavior. There is a formal process that is followed. We will explain this process and handle the legal requirements which are observed. We will meet with the District attorney who prosecutes the case and talk to the judge on behalf of the child. We can present evidence to mitigate the circumstances and negotiate a resolution on your child's behalf.

Delinquency Mediation

In many cases we can mediate your child's case. Mediation involves a resolution of the issues in a case by working out a formal agreement and avoiding having to appear in front of a judge. By meeting with all parties involved in the situation, the issues are fully discussed and the parties can agree on a solution to resolve the case. The court provides a mediator who helps bring the case to a conclusion. Not all cases can be mediated. Fighting, theft, criminal trespass, battery and disruption of public school are examples of cases that can be mediated.

Diversion Programs

When applicable, we will negotiate a diversion of your child's case. This results in resolving your child's case before a formal petition is filed and the case is scheduled for trial. Diversion programs involve the parent's participation in resolving the case. Not all offenses qualify for diversion. Most cases involve misdemeanors an less serious felony crimes. We will help you negotiate a case plan that deals with the issues that brought your child into the juvenile court process. The case is monitored by a probation officer who ensures your child is abiding by the agreement. If your child successfully completes probation we will request the case be closed by informal adjustment. Violation of probation will result in the case being referred to court for formal prosecution.

Custody Cases

If it is determined your child is a determined to be a danger to themselves or others, they may be taken into custody. A detention hearing will typically be held within 48 hours to determine if they will be held in a youth detention center or released to there parents. The law requires a hearing to be held within a certain period of time if the child is held at the detention hearing. If the child is released, a hearing will be held at a later time. In either case, a formal petition will be issued charging the child with the violations of law. The detention hearing is a critical hearing where charges can be dismissed when appropriate.

If your child is not taken into custody, they will typically be released to the parent. A complaint will subsequently be filed with the court alleging a violation of the law. Once the case is reviewed by the court, diversion or mediation can occur or the case will be set for an adjudication. Once the case is set to be disposed, the child may be released, put on probation or taken into custody. The court will review the case and follow the child's progress.

Probation cases

If your child is put on probation, they will have to follow the conditions that the judge orders. These conditions vary in each case. We will negotiate the specifics of probation with the prosecutor. This includes the length of time on probation and the specific terms the prosecutor is asking the judge to order. Our experience handling juvenile cases results in the ability to negotiate the most favorable terms for your child.

Stop worrying and get answers to your questions. If you are interested in a private and confidential consultation, call us now to discuss your child’s case. Attorney's fees are competitive, major credit cards are accepted, and payment plans are available.

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