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Bond Hearings

Atlanta Criminal Defense & Bond Hearing Lawyer
Thomas C. Nagel

If you have been arrested in the State of Georgia, you must make bail to be released from jail. The bail amount may be automatically set. Other charges require a court hearing before bail is set.

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas C. Nagel has been handling bail issues in Georgia for over twenty-five years. If you or a loved one is in jail with no bail or the amount is to high to make, we will file a petition with the court to set bail or get your bail reduced.

The following are examples of some offenses that have no bail until you appear before a Superior court judge:

Treason; Murder; Rape; Aggravated sodomy; Armed robbery; Aircraft hijacking and hijacking a motor vehicle; Aggravated child molestation; Aggravated sexual battery; Manufacturing, distributing, delivering, dispensing, administering, or selling any Schedule I or II controlled substance; Aggravated stalking.

Many charges do not require a court appearance. If you are charged with a misdemeanor offense or an offense not mentioned above, you cannot be refused bail. There are some exceptions in DUI and family violence cases.

The court can attach conditions to a bond such as orders requiring one to stay away from certain people or places.

In considering bail, courts take into consideration whether the incarcerated person would flee the jurisdiction or fail to appear for court; whether they are a danger to a person or the community; Whether they would commit a felony; and whether thay would intimidate witnesses or obstruct the administration of justice.

There are many other factors considered by the court during a bail hearing.

If you have a question regarding making bail or getting a bond set, call Atlanta Criminal Defense & Bond Hearing Attorney Thomas C. Nagel at 404-255-1600 as soon as possible to discuss your Georgia Bail options today.

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"Dear Tom, I just wanted to thank you again for everything. You saved my life. I’m so glad I picked you. What were the odds? I don’t know how you pulled it off. If I run across anybody that needs legal advice I will definitely recommend you. My life is back to normal thanks to you. I know it could’ve been much worse. Thanks Again!" E.G.